Examples of executed projects

2019 – ongoing – Electrical installations on retrofit of scrubber installation
at various passanger and container vessels in shipyards in Bahamas, China, Australia, Singapore

2018 – ongoing – Remontowa Shiprepair – electrcial instlallation on different repaired vessels 

2018/2019 – EFRA project for Lotos SA

Scope of work: Electrcial installations at Effective Refining project at Lotos Refinery in Gdańsk

2018/2019 – Spirit of Vancouver Island – Remontowa SA

Scope of works: Electrical and steel installation – engine room, lighting system,

2018/2019 – Lotos Petrobaltic – Remontowa Shipbuilding

Scope of work: Electrcial and steel installation at power distribution at production jack up rig 

2018 – Spirit of British Columbia – Remontowa Shipbuilding

Scope of works: Electrical and steel installation on board the refuirbished ferry

2017 – Electrical installations at new built passenger vessel at Meyerwerft Shipayrd

2017 – EG SA – Electrical installation at two new built ferries in Gdańsk Shipyard

2016 – Electrical instllations at reparied vessels – ferries, offshore vessels in Gdańsk shipyards. 

2016 – welding works at Gdańsk Shipyard during fabrication of wind turbing foundations